1. Make a Reservation With Us for Valentine’s Day!

    Have a special date coming up for Valentine’s Day? Are you searching for the the perfect dining experience for your significant other or want to impress that special someone? Reserve a beautiful table at Blu on Park and make the evening an unforgettable event! Located in metropolitan Manhattan in a gorgeous, intimate space, your experience at Blu on Park will be classy, memorable, and elegant. O…Read More

  2. Order a Prohibition-Era Cocktail at Your Next Happy Hour

    Blu on Park is proud of our heritage. Our restaurant is housed in a repurposed 1920’s brownstone that harkens back to a simpler, yet darker time: Prohibition. Much of what we do, from our decor choices to our elegant menu is derived from the classic tastes of the Prohibition era. When you join us for dinner or happy hour, you’ll have the opportunity to bask in the splendor of the Prohibition …Read More

  3. Don’t Like Wine? That’s Fine!

    At Blu on Park, we’re happy to offer our advice on which wine would best complement your meal, but we also understand that not everyone shares a passion for wine. If you’re the type of diner who prefers spirits to the perfect vintage merlot, you’re in good company! This is why we’re happy to offer advice on cocktail pairings with your appetizers and meals. Today, we’ll take a look at som…Read More

  4. Join Us for Happy Hour!

    There are many options for happy hour in New York City and each bar has their own specialties. At Blu on Park, we pride ourselves on the quality of our cocktail bar and we rely on the knowledge and expertise of our bartenders to keep our high standards thriving and our patrons satisfied. When you’re looking for the best happy hour experience in the Upper East Side, come to Blu on Park. We Value …Read More

  5. What Sets Blu on Park Apart?

    Unfortunately, the word “steakhouse” conjures up images of a western-themed tourist attraction serving oversized cuts of steak that lack flavor and seasoning. Blu On Park prides itself on offering a stellar dining experience by serving only the highest quality food in a wonderful atmosphere. If you’re visiting our fine city, stop by for a memorable dinner, but don’t expect a saloon-like fe…Read More

  6. We Use King Oyster Mushrooms for Our Vegan Entree!

    Not everyone in New York likes steak or seafood. Blu On Park firmly believes that everyone deserves to have a wonderful dinner out on the town without having to compromise their dietary restrictions or beliefs. For our vegan diners, we’re pleased to offer roasted king oyster mushrooms, giving you the same succulent experience without the meat. What are king oyster mushrooms?   King oyster m…Read More

  7. The Taboo of Steak Sauce

    Opinions on the necessity of steak sauce vary from person to person. However, the single most common belief held by steak lovers everywhere is that steak sauce ruins a good steak. Many steak lovers believe that steak sauce is something reserved for low-quality meat in an effort to mask the inferior taste of the beef. So, are the critics right? Does steak sauce ruin a prime cut of beef? We don’t …Read More

  8. What is Dry Aged Beef?

    Dry-aged steak has a reputation for being one of the tastiest forms of steak available. The aging process is key in helping the steak develop flavor and tenderness, giving it the best quality possible. Cheaper cuts of meat are wet-aged in plastic wrap and exposed to their own juices, lending a juicy, but slightly metallic taste to the meat. Dry-aged meat allows the flavor profile to develop fully.…Read More

  9. Does Butchery Still Matter?

    Butchers were once a main feature at grocery stores. Meat was cut in-house, wrapped at the counter, and handed to you. While the skill has largely been lost in favor of large meat processing plants that package cuts for bulk deliveries, the skill is still necessary to achieve the high-quality cuts we demand at Blu On Park. Why does butchery still matter?   They Know Their Cuts While processin…Read More

  10. Steak Cuts Explained

    At Blu on Park, we know steak. Every time you order a steak at our steakhouse, you’ll know it’s been seasoned and prepared perfectly. While you may know that you like steak, you may be unfamiliar with the characteristics of each cut. Today, we’ll take a look at the different cuts we serve to give you a better idea of what you’re ordering.   Sirloin Our New York Sirloin is USDA prime d…Read More